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Busy week... BUSY week @,@

First of all, maybe some of you remember I had booked tickets for Reel Big Fish, which... by the way, was the most awesome concert ever x3! But I'll get back on that later.

Monday, it went great and at the end of the day I decided to catch up with some friends at Amsterdam Central, going through the shops a bit and loafing around for the sake of it. We had a lot of fun, and I met a new friend x3~! On the train back with Marc he mentioned that Ayabie was going to perform the other day (tuesday) so I was like; That's kewl.. should we go?

Ayabie Concert

So that's where our quest was to gather friends for the concert Ayabie, Japanse Pop/Rock band. But obviously, no one could go due that it was midst the week of school. (which I should've considered aswell..) so eventualy decided to go on our own, and by sheer luck, we gotten the last 2 tickets! It was pretty fun, we hardly knew anything of the band and kept going like; "oh yeah.. we're going to Utrecht for the concert... who did we go for again?"

All in all we had a lot of fun that day, and went to the Ayabie concert, had a few failed attempt to Moshpit midst the screaming fangirls and anime obsessed/otaku's. Also grunted to the music just for the sake of it.. it adds a whole new dimension to it all XD! And at the end of the concert we did some weed... it was pretty scary my first time, and due that I already had a mysteriously high blood pressure... my heart felt like it got torn out the first minutes... stoned in the train back to home, we again found a friend we met at the concert and had some silly after... ehm... words @,@ wasn't too sober. So now Priscella (the girl I me) and I are bestest friends x3 lol

Reel Big Fish Concert

The next day, wednsday I went to school again at 6 am and was strangely well focused, finished my projects etc and at the end, 5pm, went out straight to Amsterdam Central again for the Reel Big Fish concert... didn't had any friends with me, again due it being in the middle of the week and it being a genre of music not everyone could appreciate (ska/punk) but yeah... took a bite at the Burger King before I went and had lots of fun.. biggest moshpit ever and although I'm not much of a punk fan, I danced, moshed and jumped along to all the 4 bands before Reel Big Fish aswell. it was so awesome o.O! I almost passed out @,@

After that... I had to leave at the third encore song due to catching the last train. In which I found another new friend x3.. age 25 male and he just suddenly came sit next to me in the half empty train, he could sit anywhere, but chose next to me, appearantly he could see I was a biggie on music and listened all kinds. lol XD so we started to talk about music, we were both a bit of all-round music lovers, with him choosing a specialisation on industrial, and me going on rock/metal... so I still need to add him to msn because we promised both to advice eachother stuff and go out and have some fun sometime. Also he promised me free tickets to Summer of Darkness festival, so that ought to be fun ^_^ ! appearantly a friend of his hands out free tickets to random winners... and said I had a really high chance XD!

Movie Nights

Sadly, my week of insomnia didn't end there, the next day I was completely beat @,@ zombified and kindoff slept in the train, passed school.. and decided to head back home again XD~! sleeping.

Saturday was a movie night at a friends house, which I randomly got drunk at... rather weird since I really didn't drink so much, but yeah, I didn't had a good basic and I kindoff mixed around a bit. Finaly went to bed around 4 AM. And the monday we all went to the pool, had movie night at another friend and ended up in my house @,@ Random fun whilst upstairs my father was sleeping with his new girlfriend. Whoopy~!


And now here I am, a bit sobbing that I missed out a friend being on msn due me oversleeping. She got on at 8:30.. which is about 2:30 her time in America, she's having a hard time and I really wish I could've been there for her... so sad. ~Writting my message here.

So that's about it, short nights, long days... headache @,@ hoping I can still make school tomorrow. Gotta finish some homework and cut off from this really really long blog I'm writting here. So seeya soon all and have a nice day.

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